Five Lingerie Items Every Woman Should Own

Lingeries are one of the most staple items in every woman’s wardrobe. It is known to make or break an outfit if not worn properly. Certain pieces like bras and undies are essentials that look and make you feel fabulous. But apart from these items, what are the other necessary lingerie pieces that you should have in your wardrobe?

Here is a curated list of innerwear that can become your go-to items and set the tone of your day.


Camisoles are a type of loose-fitting sleeveless undergarment that covers the torso and extends it to the waist. Many prefer wearing this piece of lingerie as sleepwear or an undergarment.


Thongs are made with a narrow piece of cloth that passes in between your butt cheeks and covers your genitals in the front. It is then attached to a band that is worn around your hips. Thongs are also known as G-strings and can be used either as underwears or as a bikini bottom. It is often assumed that thongs are types of panties that can be worn only for special occasions or with certain outfits. But these amazing piece of lingerie can be worn every single day. Many women prefer thong as it does not leave a panty line over the outfits.

Chemises and Babydolls

Both chemises and babydolls might look similar to nightgowns, but there are minute differences that make them stand apart. Babydolls often come with cups for extra breast support and have a shorter hemline. Chemises are a snug piece of lingerie that skims your body and perfectly fits around the mid-thigh area.

Bustier and Corsets

Bustiers and corsets have always been used both as outerwear and lingerie to shape and accentuate the body. By providing firm breast support and cinching around the waist, these lingerie items help create a smooth silhouette. So, go for corsets and bustiers if you are looking for a body-shaping undergarment without sacrificing comfort and style.

Strapless Bras

If you are planning to wear shoulder gowns at an upcoming formal event, then a strapless bra is a must for you. The versatility of this lingerie item makes it the must-have part of a woman’s undergarment collection. It can help you to easily shape and sculpt a beautiful silhouette under your off-shoulder evening gowns or dresses.

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