Five transition weather pieces you should have in your closet

five transition weather pieces

Does the morning sunshine these days trick you to pick up a swingy bohemian dress only to be deceived later in the day with chilly winds that make you want to go scouting for something cosy? Then you’re not alone! Trust us, we’ve faced this problem too and, having learnt our lesson, we’ve come up with a list of five transitional weather pieces we swear by.

A blazer is your best bet when it comes to transition weather layering. A boyfriend blazer looks great over shorts and T-shirts while a tailored one makes a anything from a slip dress to a miniskirt look instantly chic.

five transition weather pieces

Attention ladies! The perfect cover-up is here. Keep a scarf in your bag at all times. There are so many options to choose from. Go for pretty pastels, classic polka dots or fun prints depending on your outfit of the day.

Longline shrug

Give yourself an instant makeover by wearing a longline shrug. It’s practical, edgy, sophisticated and makes you look like a diva in seconds.


While it may seem bizarre to lug around a pair of leggings in your purse, take our word for it when we say it works. Wear it under a miniskirt or a short dress when it becomes slightly chilly.

five transition weather pieces

While your lived-in summer sandals are your go-to footwear, ankle-length boots make for a great transitional weather choice. Keep a pair in office or your car so you can change quickly when the need arises.


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