For our delivery partners Ram and Nita, the #MAGIC lies in pursuing what you love and being self-sufficient

Work is joyous when you love what you do, and there’s so much to take inspiration in this department of life from our delivery partners Nita Rajvanshi and Ram. Their association with Myntra goes a long way, and the 17th edition of Myntra’s EORS (End of Reason Sale) is a further opportunity for them to augment their incomes and take one step closer to their aspirations.

Nita, our first-ever woman MENSA delivery partner


Nita is our first-ever MENSA (Myntra’s Extended Network of Service Augmentation) woman delivery partner in Ahmedabad. She places paramount importance in financial independence and self-sufficiency for all individuals, having been single-handedly raised along with her two siblings by her very hard-working mother. Working two jobs herself, Nita works hard to support her family and raise her two children and give them access to good education for a bright future.

Nita joined MENSA in 2020, with the hope of augmenting her small income as a small apparel seller in Ahmedabad. Nita’s journey as part of MENSA is commendable, and an inspiration for other women. After working as a MENSA delivery partner for a few years, delivering as many as 90 packages in a day, Nita’s role has evolved to that of being a store partner today, as part of which she manages a team of delivery partners.

“What I value the most about my work as a MENSA partner is the independence that comes with it; I feel like I am my own boss,” says Nita. That doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that people truly get to work on their own terms when they are associated with Myntra. Flexible timings and plenty of support from Myntra makes it easier for partners like Nita to enjoy a balanced schedule, while events like EORS enable income augmentation.

“Every EORS, the energy at our warehouse is unmissable. We all help each other out and work together to make sure Myntra customers receive their orders on time. We can feel #TheMagicofEORS in the air,” Nita says.

Ram, holding a deep love for various art forms

One of the proudest moments of Ram’s life was when he participated in Indian Idol a few years ago. He sang his way to the top 30 from Delhi NCR, but could not proceed further. An age limit and personal hardships prevented him from competing in later editions, but the fire to follow his dreams had been lit. Although he comes from a modest background, today he hopes to enable his daughter to follow her dreams by enrolling in a dance class.

Ram owns a small utensil shop in Faridabad. With the passion for singing and with a dream to inculcate the art forms early on in his daughters, Ram joined the MENSA network a few years ago. Today his augmented income from Myntra helps him to meet household expenses, pay his children’s fees, manage house repairs, and clear his debts. Besides providing financial support, MENSA’s role has been invaluable to Ram’s personal and professional growth. “Being a MENSA partner and interacting with customers has helped me become more confident,” he says.

During peak events such as Myntra’s flagship End of Reason Sale, he gets unconditional support from his family. “My wife and mother take care of the shop while I’m busy with deliveries during the sale period,” he adds.

MENSA Delivery Partner

The MENSA initiative is all about boosting and enhancing Myntra’s last-mile delivery. Ever since 2017, the network has added over 15,000 members giving people like Ram and Nita a stable source of a second income and an opportunity to improve their and their families’ lifestyle. India’s biggest fashion carnival, EORS, happening between 10-16 December in its 17th edition, is a further opportunity for the delivery partners to augment their incomes.

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