For Sunil Chhetri, Failure is a Stepping Stone

Failures are inevitable, so never doubt yourself when you fail; you never know that the learning from today’s failure will lead to your victory tomorrow!” Sunil Chhetri follows this ideology rather seriously in life.

A lot of us are guilty of reducing sports to just winning and losing, often ignoring the various nuances of the sportsmanship. But here to tell us that sports, when applied to life, isn’t all that black and white was none other than the captain of the Indian football team himself. Sunil Chhetri is a man that needs no introduction. His records speak for himself, he is a living legend, motivational speaker and an inspiring icon for budding and professional footballers all over the world.  In an inspiring session, Chhetri threw light on the art of embracing failure and learning from them, rather than fearing them, to become a successful leader. We recently had the pleasure to host him for yet another Create Magic session, where he left Myntraites with provoking thoughts on the Power of Failure.

Failure, team, leadership and more…

They say that a good upbringing lasts a lifetime and Sunil Chhetri is a perfect example of it. It was his modest upbringing and passion for sports that got him where he is today. Having shared with us his weaknesses and strengths, Sunil’s experience with sports teaches us that failure brings out the best in you, if you allow it. And surely, success sometimes leading to complacency, as Captain Fantastic says.

Something we have in common with the legendary sports personality himself is the lesson we learn as team players. Sunil emphasized and reaffirmed our belief in the importance of building confidence and morale within the team. We could not help but admire the love and compassion he has for his team members. After all, it was under his skillful leadership that the Indian team achieved great heights and its highest-ever FIFA world ranking.

From watching him play on the field to having a real-time virtual connection with him was a wonderful experience and a humbling moment for all of us. You could say that some of the more hardcore football fans among us were even starstruck. Here’s to more magical and inspiring sessions like this!

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