How To Wear Lipstick With Chapped Lips This Winter?

Heading into the month of winter, we tend to get all excited with Christmas and the New Year being around the corner. But along with the excitement come a lot of concerns, especially when it comes to the skin. One particular aspect that many dread when stepping out is chapped lips. Irrespective of how much water we drink or lip balm we use, chapped lips can be difficult to escape from during the winter.

Those love wearing lipsticks need not worry. Even those with the driest lips can wear the most eye-catching lipstick colours with some easy tips. Here’s how:


  • Exfoliate your lips
    Yes, a lip scrub can do wonders to your lips. Grab one from a trusted company and rub the exfoliator in small circles around your lips. Once done, wipe off the excess with warm water and a towel.
  • Moisturise the skin
    Now with the peeling skin taken care off, you would want to fill in the cracks on the lips. For that, you could either go for a ChapStick or rub some coconut oil on the lips. After which, use a primer to smoothen everything out.
  • The Finishing Touch of Lip Liner
    Now using a lip liner is optional but is definitely beneficial. Adding a lip liner to the process just ensures that the lip colour stays in place and doesn’t spread out.

Get those lipsticks out

Finally, you can get to get those eye-catching lipsticks shades out. Use a brush, a finger or straight from the tube to apply your preferred lipstick colour and voila you’re done!

With the above-mentioned steps, do not expect to instantly cure chapped lips. Rather, these tips serve as a way to ensure that the lipstick remains smooth on your lips. At the same time, it also helps get some relief from the overall issue of drying skin during winter. So whether you are heading out for a party or planning a relaxed evening with friends, go all out with lipsticks. Be it matte lipsticks or nude lipsticks, the tussle between your lipstick and chapped lips are taken care of now. In case, you are looking to expand your choices with this new development, feel free to browse through the incredible collections of M.A.C lipsticks, Lakme lipsticks and many more popular brands only on Myntra.

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