Humans of Myntra Tell Us What Goes Behind the Scenes of EORS

EORS sure is one of the most exciting times of the year, when our customers across the country get ready to shop their hearts out. For Myntraites, it’s no different – behind the scene is an environment of fun, collaboration, and strong camaraderie like no other. Like every edition, EORS 13 will also involve different teams coming together to run the show, with most of the teams working remotely. So how are Myntraites preparing for the biggest fashion and lifestyle event of the year? Other than months of planning, teamwork, and putting their best foot forward for the customers, this is what they have to say.

The team spirit is alive as ever

Being the flagship event of Myntra, the feel of the office during EORS is always different and exciting. Kuntal Roy, from the Finance Team, who’s been part of five EORS events, believes that strong team bonding even virtually is crucial in order to build the right climate for the onslaught of work that the mega event brings.

Kuntal_Roy Myntra

Similarly, Ankit Kalra feels that part of what makes the event all the more special is seeing every team working on their areas with unmatched commitment and enthusiasm.

Ankit_Kalra Myntra

A huge part of getting through these events during pre-COVID times had been our team’s favorite coffee machine. However, the absence of it has not deterred Ankit Dua from adding the “fun and coffee” to every engaging virtual call made at solving problems. Now that’s how you bring the EORS mood right at home!

Ankit_Dua Myntraites

No one thinks about the customers like we do!

EORS 13 is also an opportunity for Myntra to continue the legacy of being the most-loved fashion destination in the country. Having participated in 11 out of 13 EORS, Kaivalya Kumar’s expectations from the event has definitely grown over the years, and this year is no different! As a Programme Manager, he and his team are aiming to bring more innovation in terms of removing any roadblocks and enhancing customer experience along the way.

Kaivalya_Kumar Myntra

With his mobile apps team members, EORS also means days of hard work for Anurag Dadheech and his colleagues in the mobile app team to provide an unparalleled and seamless shopping experience to the Myntra customers. Anurag misses the fun EORS times in the office, but the team has left no stone unturned to replicate the vibe with virtual war rooms, virtual celebrations, and the fun bids.

Anurag_Dadheech Myntraites

In a beautiful analogy, Anjul Baijal compares the EORS to a long mountain trek. The trek is even tougher given the current challenging scenario, and aiming to break the sales record is something only the bravest could attempt. But Varun and his team are working tirelessly to bring more traction into small to medium-sized labels on Myntra.

Varun_Narayan Myntra

Pratibha Singh, who had been constantly keeping in touch with her team for shoots and styling for the event, believes that the EORS is going to be one-of-a-kind and it’s all thanks to the teams that stayed connected throughout the planning and execution stage. As a Senior Stylist for Myntra, her team’s goal is to make the imagery better for the customers so they can make more informed decisions.


Besides the great learning and unlimited excitement that EORS brings, Sarvagya Jain also enjoys putting his analytical thinking cap on to enrich customer experience through data-driven insights accumulated across various verticals.

Sarvagya Jain Myntra

Be it finding solutions to problems, bridging the connectivity gap, or finding ways to be creative and staying motivated, our Myntraites undoubtedly know best. EORS 13 is definitely in good hands!

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