Indulging in Sweet Reminiscence as Myntra Turns 14

To celebrate the occasion of Myntra turning 14, we asked our employees to share some of their favorite moments at Myntra over the years. While these occasions were a lot of fun, our takeaways from these moments are more than just that. These are feelings of a great bond, camaraderie, festivities, food, team spirit, and everything great! Here are our Myntraites taking a trip down memory lane to reveal some of their most memorable moments.

Lighting up and bringing back smiles every Diwali

The Diwali atmosphere at Myntra is unarguably most people’s favorite and we get why. Diwali at Myntra is all about taking a break and indulging in all the goodness that the festivities bring, whether it is food, sweets, lights, fashion, rangoli competition and so on! “Myntra provides a great atmosphere every Diwali and sharing this experience with my colleagues creates memories that will live on,” says Mukesh Hiwse.

Festivities at Myntra

Visitors at Myntra add to all the fun

We’ve had so many special guests,  famous stars and personalities of the likes of Kapil Dev visit us over the  years. Pankaj Agarwal remembers one such moment when Bollywood star Chitrangada Singh visited us back in 2014. “I still remember an incident where someone from the crowd asked her a question: How can one stay stylish without hurting the wallet too much? Her response: You know, there is a website called Myntra which will be perfect for you. I became an even bigger fan of Chitrangada after her  witty response,” says Pankaj.

Celebrities at Myntra

Love permeates through the cities

Jyoti Tiwari tells us of a business trip to Pune, which she considers herself lucky to be a part of. Representing the company at the partner location, Jyoti never imagined she’d make such great friends at the end of her one and half month stay. Good memories were made, making the goodbyes even more bittersweet, but the experiences and friendship stayed on.

“I got to learn so many things related to our  process, regarding people management – understanding and handling people with different ideologies. Whether it was working on the floor or during post-work meets and discussions, late night coffee during night shifts, evening outings on certification days or the short day-trips, everyone was so involved and so excited about everything. I consider myself  fortunate that I got an opportunity to learn and explore,” says Jyoti.

Team spirit atv Myntra

All about the teamwork

As Myntra turns 14, stories with messages on teamwork and team spirit never fail to inspire. You can ask Anant Brahmbhatt about the shipments’ complexities one particular New Year’s Eve.. “I remember the night during EORS 2017 December when I visited DC to wish my team a Happy New Year. The whole DC was choked with shipments to clear the floor. Thankfully, the cake and the snacks that I had taken along, and  a few words of motivation helped them and we quickly began our work. The entire floor was cleaned in just 2 hours and we even managed to celebrate the New Year’ there. It was a special one because I got to work with my ground team very closely,” says Anant.


Outings and more!

Other than the usual events that happen indoors, we sometimes love taking the fun outside our premises. Whether it’s a visit to Wonderla or Sarishka, our teams know how to have a good time. Having spent close to six years at Myntra, Pankaj Agarwal also feels that Myntra is so dynamic that each year feels different from the last. “I feel like I’m in a different company every year,” he says.

Myntra employee outings

We suppose that’s Myntra for you!

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