It’s Time For A Rain Check Boys!


Dull and frizzy hair, oily skin and fungal infections are some things that go hand in hand with the monsoons. But don’t fret boys! We’re here to solve all your grooming woes. Here are some easy solutions to all your rainy day problems.

1. The ‘mane’ issue
The problem

All that humidity in the air does nothing good for your hair. Excessive sweating leads to an oily scalp and an increase in hair fall, not to mention frizzy and lifeless-looking hair.


The solution

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo every alternate day to remove any excess oil. Use a lightweight conditioner to get rid of the frizz. In case you get wet in the rains, make sure to dry your scalp and hair well to reduce hair fall.

2. Look at that face!
The problem

Surprisingly during the monsoons, most men are prone to patches or dry skin on the face combined with an oily T-zone. Acne and breakouts are other common features thanks to all that moisture in the air.


The solution

Use a mild, anti-bacterial cleanser to clear your pores and get rid of all the dirt. Follow-up with a non-water based moisturizer if your skin is oily and a water-based one if you have very dry and itchy skin. Using a good scrub once a week is also recommended.

3. A hand’s on approach
The problem

Muddy finger and toenails, dry hands and feet and fungal infections are common problems during this season.


The solution

Keep your nails neatly clipped to maintain a well-groomed appearance. Don’t forget to trim off those cuticles. Make sure to dry your hands and feet well, especially between the toes and fingers to avoid fungal infections. Follow this with a moisturizing cream and some dusting powder to finish.

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