Maintain Your Hygiene with Sanitizers from Myntra

Sanitizers have become one of the essential commodities in our daily lives now. They have become an alternative to soap and water in fighting germs and bacteria whenever you step out of your house. So, why not contain the germs from spreading, by adequately sanitizing your hands? It is also more feasible to carry a hand sanitizer than carrying soap in your bag. This portability that sanitizers offer has made it a big hit among the masses.

Benefits of Using Sanitizers

Here are some benefits of using hand sanitizers in your daily life. –

  • Prevent Spread of Germs 

According to studies, one in five people does not usually wash their hands with soap. Yes, that is nasty! So, you can keep hand sanitizers in highly frequented areas of the house or office to make it more feasible for people to use it. Hand sanitizers should be kept in handy when on-the-go.

  • Promoting Good Hygiene and Health

Encouraging people to use hand sanitizers in the workplace, schools, colleges, etc. helps in reducing absenteeism. The American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) also confirms that regular use of hand sanitizers reduced illness-related absenteeism upto 20%. 

  • Reduce Waste

Hand sanitizers are best for reducing the usage of water, paper towels, soap, and more. For example, many people use paper towels for cleaning their hands after touching a contaminated surface. But it would not sanitize your hands at all. Thus, usage hand sanitizers that will reduce the usage of paper towels and reduce wastage.

How to Use Hand Sanitizers?

Now when we know why sanitizers are essential in our everyday life, why not see how to use it properly? So, here are the three ways – 

  • Squirt a small amount of sanitizer onto your palm and rub it gently all over your hand and it reaches every corner of your fingers and palms. 
  • You need to apply sanitizers properly on your hands and rub it until it completely dries. Also, do not use a paper towel or a napkin to wipe your hands after applying it or else it would not be effective.
  • Sanitizers are only used to disinfect your hands and not clean them. So, it is not recommended to use hand sanitizers after you get oil or dirt on your hands. Wash it properly with soap and water to clean off the foreign substances on your hand. 

 Explore Additional Benefits when Buying Hand Sanitizers Online

You can buy a variety of hand sanitizers online on Myntra. The platform has a massive collection of sanitizers online that can keep you safe and help in maintaining your hygiene throughout the day. So, check for the sanitizer price on Myntra and make it a part of your everyday life.

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