Meet Saritha, a Basketball Coach and the Earliest Woman Member of MENSA!

This woman straps on her shoulders a Myntra bag full of packages to be delivered and heads out on her scooty with a smile on her face. This is not her primary job; nevertheless, she loves it and for good reason. It has, after all, been helping her provide better opportunities and education to her teenage son for three years now. Meet Saritha from Hyderabad, a basketball coach and a MENSA (Myntra Extended Network for Service Augmentation) partner for Myntra.

Life as a delivery woman is not difficult or laborious at all for Saritha. In fact, she has been confident and calm right from day one of her venture as a delivery woman. Despite being aware of the fact that logistics is traditionally an all-male bastion, Saritha didn’t find herself being apprehensive or nervous on her first day. The MENSA team trained Sartiha on soft skills like how to ensure a seamless delivery process, on ways to interact with customers and how to gather feedback without causing much disruption to the customer.  Myntra has uncompromising and high standards set for their delivery partners that focus on customer-centricity and the overall shopping experience.

Fast forward three years, and today, she is one of the earliest women MENSA partners. Today, Saritha dedicates two hours of her day to deliver around 30-40 Myntra packages and sometimes even 80-90 packages a day during peak seasons like EORS.

The opportunity to work for Myntra as a MENSA partner means a lot to Saritha. She invests the 8-10 thousand rupees she earns on an average from delivering packages into the education of her son, who is now in 10th standard. The flexibility of time enables her to create a better balance between her personal and work life.
Her fierce and open-to-learn nature is what gets her to shuffle tirelessly and confidently between two jobs. She is grateful for the immense support that she receives from her family, and says they have been instrumental in the growth of her career; managing two jobs would not have been possible without their backing.

The response and reaction of Myntra customers to see a woman deliver their packages have been nothing but positive and respectful.  This gives Saritha the strength and courage to keep up the good work. One such instance was when she had gone to deliver a package in an army area on her fourth day of work. An army personnel was delighted and ecstatic to see a woman delivering Myntra package and he instantly saluted her while she was on her scooty. To this day, Saritha fondly recollects the incident and it still gives her the encouragement and motivation that she needs.

Myntra is proud to provide opportunities to women like Saritha, who may not have high educational qualifications but possess the right attitude and commitment to be financially independent. Saritha could not be more thankful to Myntra’s MENSA program and the avenues it has created for her career growth. She has also referred her family members to the MENSA network and these women, too, have been working with Myntra for more than six months now.

The MENSA network is a set of curated Kirana stores selected and trained by Myntra through a stringent screening process. The project started by reaching out to a few Kirana stores to help with deliveries during their lean hours. However, the project started to scale, more and more stores and small businesses began to get involved in the initiative, thus, allowing Myntra to boost the last mile connectivity. This not only helps Myntra provide customers with the best possible experience, but it also creates an additional source of income for store owners.

We at Myntra are delighted to see women like Saritha prosper in their life and we salute them for their diligence and hard work. May there be many more women like her!

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