Meet the Sheroes of Myntra’s EORS 13

As the festive months are ready to conclude with the most intense and celebrated part of the year, we are once again greeted with the biggest and most-loved fashion & lifestyle event of India, Myntra’s End Of Reason Sale (EORS). It is usually around this time that Myntraites are faced with exuberance and challenges like never before. Different teams and leaders get together to work their socks off to ensure that everything is in place for millions of shoppers visiting our platform during this time. Behind an event of this scale are the women of Myntra, the ‘sheroes’, one may say, who run the day like a boss indeed! From handling different brands, categories, and social accounts to executing new customer engagement ideas and initiatives, and not to mention the never-ending meetings and deadlines, these women are warriors when it comes to orchestrating an event as big as EORS.

Let’s take a look at what our Sheroes are up to with the advent of India’s biggest fashion bonanza.

Pragya Priyali, Content and Social Marketing – Bringing the most memorable campaigns

For Pragya Priyali, who heads Content and Social Marketing, each day at Myntra is unique with new things to create, new problems to solve, and new ideas to nurture, materialize, and execute.

Pragya and her team have been instrumental in creating some of the most innovative fashion IPs to ever launch on Myntra. Behind some of the most exciting innovations like Myntra Studio and India’s first ever digital reality show of scale,   the Myntra Fashion Superstar that has been making waves among the youth on social media for its progressive content is the super talented Pragya and her team She and her team are also leading the social marketing charter for EORS which entails managing and running their own social channels, social commerce and influencer activation on social media.


“Women bring a different set of values to work and there is definitely space for our passion, emotions, frustrations and everything in between at our workplace.”

Gloria Rampur, Technology – Enabling a smooth experience with the platform

For our customers, EORS means making their wishlist come true. Behind the scene that makes it possible and firefight any blocker to one of the biggest and most loved sales of the year is Gloria and her team. A typical EORS to the team means being glued to the screens, setting up monitoring systems, and to be on top of their toes to ensure all our users have a glitch-free shopping experience.

Over the last 3 years at Myntra the journey from Senior Software Engineer to Technical Lead now, Gloria has had the opportunity to work with an amazing bunch of talented folks, and also have received immense support from the organization. She is proud to be part of Myntra for being a strong advocate of women empowerment and breaking all gender stereotypes, like she is in the field traditionally seen as male-dominated.


“United we stand, we will be able to make our way breaking all gender stereotypes and making it easier for the next generation of women.”

Tulika Khandelwal, Category – Ensuring the best offers from the best brands

Managing a variety of brands while learning and trying to understand customer behaviour and the ever-dynamic ecommerce market is no small feat. Ask Tulika Khandelwal, who has been doing just that at Myntra for five years now!

As a manager in Myntra’s Women’s Western Wear category, Tulika spends her days partnering with some of her top brands, learning their business trends, and coming up with product innovations and strategies to solve the bottlenecks for the brands and bringing the best to the customers. She and her team have already secured the best styles in Winterwear, WFH collection, and T-shirts for the millions of shoppers this EORS.


“I have worked with different managers and different teams and have learnt from each of them, because of the diversity and inclusive atmosphere we have here.”

Megha Ohri, Product Management – Enabling a smooth experience with the platform

A strategic view and agile thinking are sure needed to create products that are easy to navigate and smooth to interact with. While she’s been Myntra for six year, she feels like it’s been sixty already. In these last six years, Megha and her team have built many diverse products within Myntra, starting from supply chain to innovation labs to Storefront now and have a new learning experience with each product development.

With the virtual work environment, she is usually jumping between calls to solve for our customers, ensuring their experience with the platform is not impacted at any point in time.


“Don’t let the fear of failure stop from you doing new things, believe in yourself and go for it! And most importantly, enjoy what you do.”

Parul Vashist, Category – Curating the best fashion selection from across the world

The day-to-day life at Myntra for International Brand Manager, Parul Vashist, is always challenging yet empowering. Often seen wearing cross-functional hats, Parul loves the fact that no two days at Myntra are ever identical. One day you might find her working on inventory for high digital demands, the next day she is completely engrossed in a business development pitch for a global brand. But amidst all this, the core remains the same – to effectively drive the business and cater to the consumer demands.

Her roles in the past six years at Myntra have been nothing short of enriching, as she had been focusing on diversifying her brand portfolio ever since she started. Not only has she grown as a business professional but has also evolved immensely as a person. The international brands portfolio at Myntra has expanded and granted millions of customers access to some of the best deals on these brands that otherwise would not have been possible. It is all thanks to people like Parul who made it possible for fashion lovers to shop brands like Mango, Dorothy Perkins, Polo Ralph Lauren, Guess, and many more at unbelievable prices during events such as EORS.


“Find your style, be passionate, and be true to yourself. Don’t be afraid of failures because more often than not, a breakthrough is right around the corner!”

Noor Neha, Contact Centre – Solving for our customers

Working for Contact Centre – Outbound, Noor Neha is on a mission to solve for our customers, quite literally. She manages a team that looks after our customers’ questions and queries, and helps resolve them. Analyzing and understanding a situation completely helps her recognize challenges and problems, something she has been doing at Myntra right from Day One.

Noor thrives on being organized and having a clean work structure. She loves having a to-do list to ensure smooth sailing through the day as it keeps her on top of her game. Her work mantra is simple, she is all about being patient, tolerant, and getting FACTS straight!


“My support for this EORS has been nothing less than 100%, even if I have to extend my daily hours, as long as it yields positive results.”

Dipti Bara, Category – Making women look stylish and confident

Dipti uses her 10 years of experience at Myntra to guide her through challenging days that involve attending meetings after meeting, deciding priorities, and meeting deadlines. Preparation for EORS 13 has meant a lot of planning, communication with external and internal teams, checking on every minute details, and reviewing them frequently.

The best part about catching up with her team is that they ensure they don’t miss out on a lot of fun as well.


“Learning and challenging yourself is a part of this journey, enjoy every bit of it.”

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