Men Put Their Best Fashion Foot Forward

All those who think only women shop and men… well, they wait for someone to shop for them, could not be more wrong. When it comes to apparel shopping, men are no more hiding behind the wardrobe.

According to recent surveys, men now are not far behind women when it comes to all things shopping. Being excited about sales, indulging in impulse buying, and taking their own sweet time to buy exactly what they are looking for, are no longer gendered shopping patterns.

Men's fashion foot forward

So, what happened? Is it a mild wave of metrosexuality or is it something that is here to stay? First of all, the change in behavior hasn’t happened overnight. While there are many factors at work here, including social media, online shopping plays a big role. The comfort and ease of shopping without having to leave the house is something men simply cannot resist. A little browsing, followed by two or three clicks and life couldn’t have been simpler.

But online shopping is not the only temptress. Men are also exploring and discovering their fashionable side and putting their best fashion foot forward every day. Style-conscious men do not mind spending time and money to look good. What else can explain the big shift from shopping for just electronics and fancy gadgets to clothes, footwear, and accessories?

Fashionable men

“Men are getting increasingly fashion-forward, especially in tier 2 and 3 cities,” says Sivaram Kowta, Vice President, Men’s Apparel, Myntra. “We recently organized a Mantastic Day sale for the first time. It saw a great response and we plan to host the next edition soon,” says Kowta. Myntra, in fact, has more men shopping on their platform than women, with the ratio being 60:40 in favor of men, says Kowta.

While the previous generation of men was content with half a dozen pair of workwear and a couple of things like a bright suit or a silk kurta that they proudly wore to family weddings and gatherings for years, the younger generation wants more. From the gym to the boardroom, from dates to travel, men want to look different and make an impression everywhere, and this changes things. This means every occasion, big or small, has become an opportunity to express their individuality through clothes. After all, why should women have all the vanity?

Fashion and men

Like women, men too want to look good on Facebook and Instagram. More and more men now discuss clothes, look for expert advice, take time to get ready, name all sort of fashion brands and labels on the tip of their fingers, and are willing to put in extra effort to get noticed.

As The Wall Street Journal’s style maven, Ray Smith says, “Men are now even willing to be called stylish or fashionable. It’s not a dirty word anymore.”

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