MENSA Program Fuels Dreams for Small-scale Shopkeepers like Anil and Sathish

People usually take up a part-time job for an additional source of income. But a great deal is when one can leverage the part-time occupation to enhance the results of their primary job. Even better is when that additional income gives one the courage to dream and plan for his long-term future.

This is a scenario that Anil and Sathish are familiar with. While Anil runs a provision store in Bangalore with his cousin, Sathish has a watering can and milk delivery business. However, due to limited income from their respective businesses, both were under considerable financial strain and barely able to make ends meet.

Introduction to MENSA (Myntra Extended Network for Service Augmentation) proved to be the game-changer for them; it has improved their financial condition and given them the courage to dream big for their future. The MENSA network, a set of curated Kirana stores to boost last-mile connectivity while augmenting the store owner’s income, came as a golden opportunity for both.

Empowerment through additional income

What does a second income really mean for people like Anil and Sathish – the sole earning members of their respective families?

Lack of funds forced Anil to discontinue his studies in 2013; he was compelled to leave his village in Andhra Pradesh and move to Bangalore for a better future. With old and ailing parents to look after and financial liabilities to meet, which included a loan for his sister’s wedding, Anil was looking for opportunities to earn an additional income. Sathish too has a family to support, which includes a 9-year old son and a 3-year old daughter. With small water and milk delivery business, even fulfilling bare necessities was a task.

Anil and Sathish joined Myntra’s MENSA program, and finally, they could see light at the end of the tunnel.

MENSA partner
Anil – MENSA partner from Bangalore
MENSA partner Anil
Anil heads out for deliveries
Anil delivering to customers
MENSA partner Sathish
Sathish – MENSA partner from Bangalore

Today, Anil’s extra income helps him to pay the house and store rent, manage household expenses, purchase fresh stock for the shop and repay loans. In fact, his work as a Myntra delivery partner has even helped him to meet new customers for his shop. When a Myntra customer visits his store to pick up a package (because they were not home when Anil had gone to deliver), they end up buying provisions from the store.  Anil knows he has a long way to go, however, he is optimistic that things are moving in a positive direction. In the next 10 years, after he has repaid the loan, he dreams of building a house for his family.

Sathish invests the additional income, coming from Myntra deliveries, in his children’s health and education. His dream is to build a house on a plot that he had purchased sometime back.

A humble start that eventually touched many lives

Myntra’s MENSA program started by reaching out to a few Kirana store owners to help with deliveries during their lean hours and today, the network has over 15000 stores across 50 cities. This not only helps Myntra provide customers with the best possible experience, but it also creates an additional source of income for store owners.

Besides people like Anil and Sathish, the MENSA program has given a wonderful opportunity to women like Saritha and Maria to create a better life for themselves and their children.

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