Must-Have Kurti Designs for Women in 2021

Must-Have Kurti Designs for Women in 2021

When it comes to ethnic wear, one style remains a staple wardrobe essential to this day — the classic kurti. This short-length iteration of the conventional kurta is a go-to style for many young women. The easy-going vibe combined with its cultural significance makes the latest kurti designs even more appealing for daily wear.

Trends come and go, but the beauty of the garments like lehengas and kurtis remain. If you’ve been on the lookout for some stunningly tailored kurti designs, look no further. We bring you some of the finest options that will sweep you off your feet. 

Discover the Season’s Most Fancy Kurti Designs

Whether you love the soft texture of cotton or prefer the soothing feel of silk, many fabrics are used for tailoring kurtis. While the eye to identify beautiful designs is a work of art, some kurti designs are bound to impress onlookers no matter what. Allow us to deep-dive into the various designs that will make you go wow.

  • Embellished: If you are a fan of sequins, pearls, rhinestones or any other precious stones, then kurtis featuring these elements are an absolute must-have. Often you will find various kurti neck designs that feature embellishments that are either stitched or glued on and work phenomenally well with textures such as silk and viscose.
  • Printed: This classic yet on-trend designs features floral, animal, striped, checkered and various other patterns. Usually, cotton polyesters are chosen to tailor this kurti as it combines the colour retention properties of the polymer with the breathability of the fabric. You can also explore new kurti designs in cotton fabric featuring distinct colours.
  • Self-Design: These include materials such as chikankari, bandhani, chanderi, brocade, zarkan and many fabrics that feature embellishments made from the same material. The ornate details make them appropriate for formal events and festive occasions, giving a slightly dressier appeal to your ensemble.
  • Embroidered: Patches that feature monochrome or coloured threads can be quite eye-catching. Kurtis that feature such threadwork are also appropriate for festive occasions, especially those stitched onto net fabrics.
  • Solid: Keep it plain and simple with monochrome kurti designs. While it may seem the piece is minimalistic, you can really amp up its appeal by playing around with oxidised jewellery such as long necklaces, chokers, large stud earrings and fancy rings.

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