Myntra Announces the First-of-its-Kind Virtual Comic-Con

Have you been going nuts over the latest Marvel movie, Avengers: Endgame? Do you eat, sleep, breathe Iron Man, Captain America, Spidey, Batman, and the likes? Have you always wished that you were a character with superhuman powers just like your favorites from the books and comics that you love? To some people, Marvel and DC comics might seem like sci-fi fairy tales where a bunch of superheroes run around fighting crazy villains, but for its true-blue fan base, they are the saviors of humanity.

On that note, here’s a surprise for you… Myntra has partnered with Comic-Con India to bring the world’s first virtual Comic-Con experience on its platform. Through this integration, it has created a doorway for millions of Comic-Con fans across India to participate in one of the largest pop-cultural events and experience the excitement from the comfort of their homes, between 8 – 12 May. So, unlock your title as the True Comic Fan and log on to the Myntra app.

Myntra Comic-Con

Why should you be excited?

Because come on, it is Comic Convention and moreover, you don’t have to be in one of the big cities to experience it. The digital avatar of your favorite comic fest on Myntra is a first-of-its-kind. The in-app immersive experience from Myntra will witness the biggest fanboy inventory ever, with over 10,000 product options to choose from, including apparel, footwear, accessories, superhero action figures, comic books, posters, mugs, home furnishing and much more.

Myntra Comic-Con

Not only this, shoppers can also look forward to an opportunity of getting tickets to the Seoul Comic Fest, a chance to get their hands on the Thanos gauntlet. If you call yourself a true comic fan, there are riddles, puzzles, and missions for you, and you can trace your own treasure map to discover new comic universes, all on our platform.

A host of brands including Myntra’s ‘Kook n Keech’, which houses the largest collection of licensed products from Marvel, DC, GoT, Cartoon Network, Star Wars, and Disney will be available as well as YK for kids. Fans can also look forward to brands such as The Entertainment Store, Bioworld as well as limited edition collections of Marvel and GoT from Adidas during the five-day festival. And don’t forget other popular characters such as Superman, Hulk, Deadpool, Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, Spiderman and Wonder Woman!

Myntra Comic-Con

Pop Culture is an integral part of fashion, and the virtual Comic-Con gives it a digital tweak. The world’s first-ever event like this promises a thoroughly immersive experience, through exciting games, quizzes, collectibles, merchandise and more on the platform.

Are you feeling excited yet? Oh, we bet you are. After all who wouldn’t want to delve deeper into the realms of their favorite childhood dreams?

We wish you a happy joy ride through the Comic-Con.

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