Myntra Big Fashion Festival: A celebration of innovation, hard work, teamwork and play!

The third edition of Myntra Big Fashion Festival (BFF), a much-awaited event that adds to the spirit of festivity across the nation, has been even more special as it comes after two years of celebrating festivals in a closed-door setting.

And while the event is looked forward to by millions of our customers, thousands of our brands & sellers as well as our ecosystem partners including artisans and delivery partners, behind the scenes, it is a sight of coming together of people with passion for fashion, Myntra office (and beyond) bustling with teamwork, oodles of ‘make-it-happen’ attitude, and camaraderie galore! This edition, the Big Fashion Festival brought the widest collection of ~ 1.5 million styles from across 6000 brands. The seamlessness and the sheer scale at which various teams at Myntra work for the entire BFF is MAGIC in itself!

With Myntraites getting to celebrate the Big Fashion Festival in the office in all its glory, Myntra workplace is witnessing a range of activities to ring in the festive spirit. With an engaging evening with conversations, singing at the karaoke, indulging in art & craft, dressing up to flaunt the color of the festival, our leaders sharing their festive favorites, and more!

Festive essentials and festive favorites – here’s hearing from our leaders

Myntra Big Fashion Festival

Our leaders answer some interesting questions ahead of the festive season. Catch the Off the Cuff festive series on Myntra LinkedIn and YouTube channels.

Teamwork makes dreams work

Work at Myntra

Never missed a photo moment!

That’s how we let our hair down and engage in some festive creative rejuvenation!

MYntra team

Had a blast with a rocking karaoke set and an engaging art & craft session.

Bringing festive vibes with our #passionforfashion and celebrating our one team one dream

Myntra Big Fashion Festival

And while we were at it, we decked up in our best outfits!

These last few months in anticipation of Myntra BFF, as well as the last few days of seeing BFF unfold in its full glory has been such an amazing mix of work and play – and that’s how we roll!

#MyntraBFF2022 #BigFashionFestival2022

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