Myntra Never Asks For – Things to know


Online fraudsters can come up with sly ways to access your Myntra account and use sensitive information to make money. 
Safe Shopping  - Things to knowDon’t fall prey to online scams. 

We urge everyone to stay alert if you receive a call from a person stating they are from Myntra and asks you for your personal/confidential data. 

Read on to know about a list of things Myntra Never Asks For

Confidential Information

If you get a call, suspicious or otherwise, asking for information related to your Myntra account, be very careful. 

Bank Account Details - Things to know

If you get a call from someone asking for your payment information on Myntra, in all likelihood, it’s a fraudulent call. 

Scamsters may trick you into sharing details by saying your account will be suspended if you do not do so. 

In some exceptional scenarios, Myntra can seek such information for clarity or processing refund but via InApp or Email only and NEVER over a call. 

Please be cautious because Myntra representatives will NEVER ask you for your debit or credit card number, card expiry date, CVV, or PIN. 

OTP Details

In the online world, OTPs are the code to access your precious data. While shopping on Myntra, Myntra sends different OTPs based on the action initiated on your end ,you can receive below OTPs at different times –


  1. One to validate your transaction.
  2. When you login to your Myntra account (for verification). 
  3. When you try to update Primary Mobile Number on your Myntra Account.
  4. When you try to update an Alternative Mobile Number on your Myntra Account.
  5. When you try to change Email address on your Myntra Account(we can select Either Primary or Alternative mobile number to receive OTP).
  6. For delivering a product. This should be shared only when the delivery is at your doorstep

These OTPs are for your eyes only. 

If you receive a call that asks for an OTP, NEVER reveal it and disconnect the call immediately.

 If you receive an OTP through email or texts, NEVER forward them. 

Myntra representatives never ask for OTPs, either through call, mail or text messages.

Myntra Account Password

When you have an online shopping account, you are the sole owner of it. If you get a call from someone asking for your login details, it’s an attempt to take over your account. 

These calls may often appear harmless as they offer to help you with shopping on Myntra. 

Avoid clicking on any links that seem to be suspicious from the display. 

Don’t fall for it as cybercriminals can take over your account and use sensitive information for their own benefit. 

Any suspicious links/SMS even WhatsApp messages claiming to be Myntra should be reported immediately to Myntra CC and also Cyber crime.

No Registration Fee

Scamsters often call up and ask for a registration fee in exchange for rewards or freebies including Myntra Insider points, superCoins, deals, gift vouchers, discounts, etc. In case you didn’t know already, all your super coins and reward points are based on your previous Myntra purchases. So, Myntra will never ask you to pay for any rewards or discounts. 

Myntra will never ask for a registration fee in exchange for rewards.

Fake Job Calls - Things to know

If you receive a call from someone claiming to offer you a job at Myntra in exchange for a token amount, please disconnect the call immediately. 

Myntra NEVER charges any fee or token amount for hiring for any role, including but not limited to models, stars or employees.

For any clarification or assistance, please contact Myntra Customer Support using our app/website or write to us at


Stay Safe, Stay Alert!

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