Myntra Partners With Canopy to Conserve Forests

Myntra has been determined to make today’s and tomorrow’s world more sustainable by designing and deploying solutions that enable the preservation of natural resources and conserve the environment. This continued commitment to sustainability and reduced environmental impact is reflected in our business practices and the approach we have adopted over the years.

Taking this commitment forward, and to build a strong and sustainable supply chain that values forests, Myntra has now joined hands with Canopy, an award-winning non-profit organisation that builds solutions to protect last frontier forests.

Canopy’s expertise and guidance provide us a deep-rooted understanding of evolving forestry sourcing practices. The collaboration with Canopy on their two flagship initiatives, Pack4Good and CanopyStyle, will enable us to work with our sourcing partners and sellers to guide them on sustainable choices for packaging and Man-Made Cellulosic Fibers (MMCF) such as rayon/viscose, lyocell, and modal.

Canopy Pack4Good

We have made steady progress in our sustainability journey with respect to packaging, with some of the notable efforts including eliminating 1500 tonnes of plastic from entering the landfills last year and nearly replacing single-use plastic in our supply chain. We will now work with Canopy to explore solutions to reduce our paper packaging footprint through the use of smart design, recycled materials, and by implementing emerging and circular economy based innovations that enable restriction of the usage of ancient and endangered forests in the packaging, paper, or in man-made cellulosic fabrics, including rayon, viscose, lyocell, modal and other trademarked brands.
Measures like giving preference to packaging with high recycled content will be taken; the goal is to have an average of 80% of overall recycled content in papers and packaging in the next three years. Additionally, we will also source from alternative materials like wheat straw.


Myntra has been encouraging the use of responsibly sourced man-made cellulosic fibers in the products sourced for its in-house house of brands. With Canopy, Myntra has a Sustainable Forest-Derived Materials (FDM) Sourcing partnership that ensures there is no sourcing of man-made cellulosic fibers including rayon, viscose, lyocell, and modal from the world’s ancient and endangered forests.

Neetu Jotwani, Myntra

To enable the shift away from forestry-sourced products, we will aim to prioritize closed-loop solutions based on viscose fiber production and include innovative fiber sources like agricultural residue. For any virgin forestry-derived products, Myntra will have a preference for suppliers that source from responsibly managed forests, certified to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification system, and where FSC certified plantations are part of the solution.

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