Myntra Provides a Stepping Stone to Greatness for Bagru Artisan

Hitballabh Chhipa, 31, from Jaipur, is among the fortunate lot from Rajasthan whose livelihood depends on their passion for art. For him, that passion is printing Dabu and Bagru designs, using eco-friendly colors on cloth, an art that he has mastered in the last 14 years. It is this art that is now gaining pan-India visibility, through his association with Myntra’s multi-cultural lifestyle brand brand, Taavi.

Dabu and Bagru are two of Rajasthan’s finest art forms that date back to 6th-12th centuries. They are characterised by their intricate block-print designs, a result of an arduous process involving numerous stages.

Hitballabh’s family has been involved in Dabu and Bagru printing for generations. His grandfather, a Bagru artisan himself, had won a national award for his work and was selected by the Government to represent Indian artisans in Germany, Moscow, Paris and other cities. Although he passed away over two decades ago, his legacy is survived by Hitballabh Chhipa and his family. Today, there are 18 artisans, who make Dabu and Bagru prints at the workshop that Hitabllab’s grandfather started five decades ago.

A new journey with Myntra

Myntra and Hitballabh partnered over a year ago, to provide designs and prints for Taavi and the association has helped significantly in the growth of his family business. As the business has prospered, Hitballab has ensured that the artisans working for him are also earning more. Additionally, Myntra’s requirement of contemporary designs has encouraged these artisans to develop new motifs that suit the taste of modern India.

This is just the beginning for Hitballabh. As orders from Myntra soared, Hitballabh’s dream of setting up a factory also began to take shape, something he has been working towards since 2017. The factory is now ready and will be launched soon. With this additional milestone, Hitballabh hopes to recruit more artisans, expand his business, and also take up more work from Myntra.

An artist with a responsibility

The Bagru artisan is grateful for the opportunities that came his way that made him who he is today. Hitballabh’s way of extending his gratitude and giving back to society is to repurpose unused material into sheets and blankets for underprivileged children in the neighborhood. This way, he also makes sure that his business remains environmental-friendly as no materials are wasted. “I’ve always wanted to help the needy in some way or the other and now I’m happy that I have the resources to do it. After all, life shouldn’t always be about money,” he says.

Taavi, which currently works with 1500 local artisans from across the country, aims to rejuvenate the languishing textile art and craft of India. With its phenomenal reach, Myntra is well placed to take these age-old art forms to a young, contemporary audience. It is proud to be associated with inspiring artisans like Hitballabh who have nurtured the culture and traditions for generations.

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