Myntra #Unforgettables: Strut The Street

What are all those loose clothes? Are those your Father’s trousers? Is that your mother’s maxi?

How many times have you been ticked off by neighborhood aunties for wearing distress jeans? How many times have you been judged for generously making use of bright and vibrant colors in your apparels? Or maybe, for just having an out of the box taste in fashion? Countless times, right? And yet, did that make you espouse the ordinary? Guess, not.

Well, that’s what rules street fashion – no rules! What’s more, it has successfully become the voice of the suppressed, an expression of ‘dreams deferred.’

And which gully has ever shouted ‘street’ louder than the gullies of Mumbai?

Mumbai Canvassed

When it comes to street, passion, and art create a statement. Melroy Williams, a popular graffiti artist hails from JP Nagar in Mumbai. His superpower is to convert the mundane into a splash of colors. As he walks down the street with a spray can and his kerchief tied around his face, he gears himself up to take over a world through his art that speaks volumes.

An Ode To The Streets

Street can never be without the element of dance and that brings us to Arif Chaudhary, a young man with big dreams from Jogeshwari. Tweaking his life in the best way he can, just like he does it with his fashion sense, Arif is all set to represent the nation at the Global BBoying Competition.

The Gully Boys Of Dharavi

Ranveer’s Gully Boy may be a rage right now, but this video acquaints you to the original Gully Boys of Dharavi. Although they were mocked for their ‘insensible’ sense of dressing, they never caved under pressure. 7Bantai’Z is a popular troupe of rappers from Dharavi and they narrate their story set along with the backdrop of the impoverished population of the City of Dreams. Now that they see the same critics adopt their ways, they just laugh and carry on with the street spirit.

The gullies of India are a warehouse of culture, raw talent, style and passion that emanates through the youth who inhabit in those dusky lanes. Myntra applauds the zeal of these young hearts through its campaign Straight Outta Street to capture the passion that lies within. Clothing creates the identity, and street identity requires no white collars; it is a comfort to the T.

‘Unforgettables – Eat. Breathe. Street.’ is the fifth video in the Myntra Unforgettables series that highlights and celebrates people’s passion for fashion. Many more activities are on the anvil, including a rap battle and fashion show.

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