Myntraites Show How to Ace the No-Shave November Look

The spirit among the men of Myntra was particularly high during the last month, as they participated in the No-Shave November cause in their tiny way. While growing facial hair may not sound like that big of a deal, grooming and taming certainly can take a lot of effort.

Our Myntra men, who have painstakingly grown their beards, will unreservedly agree to this. In an organisation-wide initiative, we asked our dapper bearded guys to share their pictures for some inspiration and fun! After all, we have to make the most of the opportunities available in an otherwise tough year.

So, before you start rummaging through the popular grooming category at Myntra, here are a few beard styles you can rock and products that can help you ace your No-Shave look with style.

The short-boxed style

For the men who have never grown their beard before, the short-boxed beard is just perfect. Firstly, it doesn’t take a long beard to style this one out. It also doesn’t require a lot of grooming products, just a trimmer to sculpt the hairline and a little bit of beard serum is all you need to ace this look. This reasonably priced Nova Men Cordless Trimmer and Beardo Hair Serum Argan Oil should do the trick.

Short boxed beard

The low boxed style

This is a classic beard style that suits almost every face type. The length on the chin area is just long enough to hide the neckline and some of that double chin as well. When trimmed along the jawline perfectly, this style will make any man look sharp and clean.

A trimmer, serum, and some wax (like this Beard & Mustache Extra Strong Wax by Beardo), to pull this look off.

No-shave November

The Verdi beard

This style screams gentleman with a bow tie and single-malt scotch in his hand. It is two classic styles combined into one – the much-coveted handlebar moustache and a regular yet impressive pointed long beard.

Like the rest, the pointed beard also needs a little bit of trimming now and then to keep it in shape. Products like serums and waxes are entirely up to the bearded gentlemen. For the ultimate care of a beard this long, use a good beard brush like this Bombay Shaving Company Beard Brush to flaunt the perfect Verdi beard.

No-shave November

The handlebar look

It is a tricky one to pull off and needs a lot of attention to detail.  A strong-hold wax like this Beard & Mustache Extra Strong Wax by Beardo is what you need to pull this signature moustache style.

Handle bar beard

That will be all for our guide to victoriously coming out of the No-Shave November month. Be sure to check out for more no-shave November care products for men.

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