Myntraites work from home with pets, kids and coffee cravings

Be it fighting with pets for the best spot on the sofa, or coming up with innovative means to keep a 2-year old at bay, the work from home scenario definitely makes for interesting times! While some people are pros at it, many others have recently been rushed headlong into the situation. No one’s complaining however, and everyone has something quirky to share or unexpected to learn from the experience. Here are some ways in which Myntraites are slaying working from home.

The super-productive desk

Daksh Bahuguna believes in making a home of his desk. With a picture perfect work space, he hardly needs any other sweet spot at home, but is surely missing the office pantry.

Myntra work from home - COVID

I take regular coffee breaks in the kitchen with my flat mates; we have renamed it ‘The Pantry’.

Hoosein Safdari too believes in setting up a good work station at home and gives the sage advice of communicating more over audio/video calls.

Myntra work from home - COVID

Document your work more clearly, and more often.

When it comes to homely and colourful desks, Richa Sinha is right up there as well.

Myntra work from home - COVID

My child and I have been feeding the stuffed unicorn while I am working.

Dealing with the pesky little bundles of joy

Speaking of kids, almost every parent has had some amusing and some trying times with the tiny tots in the past week. While Richa has gained a lot of experience in talking on both her real phone as well as her child’s toy phone, Kunal Marwaha has had to work very hard to come up with ideas and plans to engage his 2-year old daughter! He has mostly been successful in keeping nursery rhymes and all sorts of music from reaching his colleagues during meetings by locking himself up in a room.

Myntra work from home - COVID

Easier said than done, but had to research and identify activities to keep my toddler engaged.

Ashlesha Naokarkar came up with a great idea to keep her son from disturbing her – by actually including him in her video calls!

Myntra work from home - COVID

Vihaan’s hello to my colleagues. We attend my Hangout calls together quite harmoniously.

Doggos are not far behind kids when it comes to wanting attention. Presenting Scooby, who actively competes with Priyanka Waghre for her favourite spot on the sofa!

Myntra work from home - COVID

Scooby trying to push me out of the couch.

Be ready on time

That’s one mantra that Myntrites abide by. Getting ready on time to start the day provides a structure that might otherwise be missing when working remotely. Priyanka and Ambika Johri, for instance, even get ready like they would for office, to get into the work mode.

Myntra work from home - COVID

Both our colleagues heard either sides of the conversations.

The getting-ready-for-office-look apparently does not extend to some of the men, who take full advantage of the comforts of home to work in their shorts 😉 Productivity is what matters though, and Ishwar RV feels that for him comfort and productivity go hand in hand.

Myntra work from home - COVID

A colleague’s baby girl added her two cents to our discussion.

Handy online tools to the rescue

If there is one thing making the work from home experience smooth and efficient, it is the presence of online tools such as Hangouts, Google Meet, Slack and the good ol’ WhatsApp work groups. And basically, the phone is a super gadget that lets people use all these tools seamlessly.

Nothing replaces the human touch though, and all Myntraites miss their co-workers, buddies from office and team collaborations. The abundantly available coffee and cookies at office are a close second! Here’s wishing everyone luck as they navigate through these times and find innovative ways to up their productivity. Till then, work away, make merry at home and most importantly, stay safe!

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