Myntra’s brand partner, Varanga, walks the talk on women empowerment

“Every woman with a zeal and a dream to achieve something big in life is already empowered. We are born multi-taskers and have high conflict-resolution abilities.” Ragini Roy, founder and CEO, Varanga, firmly believes in this ideology and is a living example of it.

It is this passion and aggression towards her work that led her down the entrepreneurial journey with Varanga, one of the top 10 brands during Myntra’s big events.

When Varanga came into being in 2014, little did Ragini know that one day her dream-child would be one of the top 30 women’s brands on Myntra, India’s leading fashion and lifestyle destination. But she had a vision to create a fashion brand at affordable prices for consumers. With Myntra by her side at every step of the way, she worked relentlessly towards fulfilling that vision.

Today, Varanga is not only doing well for itself, it is also empowering women from different walks of life. Seventy percent of Varanga employees are women. All hand-stitched embroidery on the clothes is done by housewives from towns like Meerut and Saharanpur.

Myntra: With its partners, for its partners, always

Myntra was the first among many marketplaces where Varanga started selling. For newly turned entrepreneur Ragini, the support of the platform meant the world to her. Not only was she able to leverage Myntra’s tremendous reach and market presence, but also the support of Myntra teams. They have been the backbone of her go-to market strategy.

Myntra support to grow brand Varanga

Myntra has been instrumental in the brand’s growth and success. It has been a perfect platform for women entrepreneurs to chart their success stories while empowering and augmenting the growth of women who are associated with the brand.

“My desire with Varanga was not just to generate sales, but to create a quality brand with a strong design and fashion sense to it. Myntra has helped shape that dream with their constant guidance and insights on latest designs and trends,” adds Ragini.

Ask Ragini what differentiates Myntra for her and she emphatically talks about the unparalleled support she gets here. The support from different teams has not only helped the brand grow on Myntra but across all other marketplaces. Myntra’s insights have played a crucial role in the holistic development and growth of the brand.

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