Myntra’s Happy Boys

At Myntra, we do not just aim to make every customer’s shopping experience flawless, we also create a work environment that is exciting and empowering to all our employees. Meet the Happy Boys, the backbone of Myntra’s warehouses and its seamless delivery system. The Happy Boys keep the warehouse up and running with their bustling energy and handle Myntra’s vast number of delivery packages.

As an equal opportunity employer, Myntra has been successful in helping these men shape their career the way they want to, giving them the opportunity to work at an organization they love. Seen always with a smile on their faces, the Happy Boys make sure every day at the warehouse is an exciting one.

We appreciate the hard work put in by these guys. Sanjeev has been awarded Star of the Month two times now and enjoys coming into work every day while Niwas Prasad has found supportive peers and seniors here. These men embody all the values Myntra stands for and we could not be more inspired by their enthusiasm!

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