Myntra’s Unforgettable Journey To Mandla Unfolds

Mandla – a small town in Madhya Pradesh, a typical village set-up. What is anything but typical is the fact that passion for football is shaping a different identity altogether for the youngsters of this town. Niranjana Parte is one of those young footballers who dares to dream differently and aim for things her father – a talented football player himself – could not achieve, due to lack of resources.

Despite the heat, grime, and dust, Myntra, in partnership with Adidas, embarks on a refreshing journey to the heart of India with Mrida Education & Welfare Society. Run by Priya Nadkarni and her partner, this NGO works for the education and upliftment of the people of Mandla. This includes nurturing the talent for sports among children and giving them access to events that will help them hone their skills and pursue sports in future.

Myntra and Adidas have come together to supply footballs for the children and so far, about 250 students playing as part of Riverside Leagues, have benefitted from the program. Mrida aims to scale the program to include more remote and backward regions where children have little or no access to sports and sports material. Myntra is happy to associate with such passionate heroes, helping them accomplish the unbelievable.

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