Myntra’s Women of Warehouse are climbing the ladder of success

Behind Myntra’s quick and efficient packaging and dispatch system are several women who manage and run a series of responsibilities. We call them Myntra’s Women of Warehouse. They hail from diverse backgrounds but one thing they all have in common is their drive to work hard for themselves as well as their families. One such woman is Saraswathi who joined the Quality Check team at Myntra’s Bangalore warehouse, after completing her graduation five years ago.

Fast forward three years later, she was promoted to the level of a supervisor in the storage team. Strong-willed and dedicated, Saraswathi comes from a difficult family background, but that doesn’t deter her from ploughing forward with positivity and rising to the top.

Today, Saraswathi is the sole breadwinner of her family and her priority is to support her ailing mother who is completely dependent on her. Solely on her Myntra earnings, Saraswathi has financed her mother’s operation and has also taken a LIC policy for her. Apart from this, she has additional savings to support her wedding in the future.

Saraswathi’s journey at Myntra continues and her growth knows no bound. When she first joined Myntra, she could only converse in Kannada. Over the years, she has gained proficiency in different languages such as Telugu, Hindi, and English. Today, she knows the functioning of the warehouse like the back of her hand. Apart from her work, she also loves the occasional celebrations that happen at the warehouse after every successful End of Reason Sale (EORS) and the Big Fashion Days (BFD).

Myntra leads the way as an inclusive workplace and is committed to offering equal employment and growth opportunities for women to become leaders of tomorrow. Over the past year, the company has doubled the number of women across its four warehouses in India.

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