Not all goodbyes are forever nor do they mean the end. Rajesh Yadav’s journey at Myntra says it all!

Career change, relocation, caregiving – reasons to take a career break can be anything. But starting all over again and adapting to a new work culture can be challenging. Change is inevitable but you can always stay in touch with your ex-company. Sometimes, that does work out in your favour actually.

Culture is the backbone of any successful company. It is what motivates employees to give their best every day and contribute to the company’s growth and success.

Rajesh Yadav Myntra

At Myntra, commitment to the success of our diverse talents is the core of everything we do. From mutual decisions of moving on to choosing to come back anytime, our employees find our doors always open!

Recently, we spoke to Rajesh Yadav who started his journey with Myntra in 2015. After his brief stint with us, Rajesh decided to choose a new path. But in 2019, Rajesh rejoined Myntra. Talking about his experience, he says, “One thing I realized is that the way Myntra holistically takes care of our needs and maintains the balance that’s there, I haven’t seen that anywhere else throughout my career. And that’s why I was motivated to rejoin and make a difference again.”

Rajesh has been a crucial force behind several projects. His favorite MAGIC value is Consumer-First, which echoes his #GoForIt attitude. “Myntra values every consumer and to contribute to this value and create an impact amongst millions is something that I will always cherish,” he adds.

Talking about his growth at Myntra, Rajesh highlights, “My career trajectory from a Team Leader to now the Deputy Director speaks volumes of how Myntra values the success of its people. I had to go through training to elevate my skills and bring in my fresh perspectives, and this was followed by the guidance of my managers.”

We asked Rajesh about some of his favorite office moments and here are his answers:

How would you describe the #MyntraLife?

Awesome! It is a place where you go beyond and take your career up a notch through new learnings and exceptional opportunities.

Your favorite #MyntraCorner at the office.

I love my desk! My friends are close and the gym is a short walk away.

The best #MyntraMoment 

The moment when I won the ‘Make It Happen’ Award. It felt amazing to be recognized. It is something I will cherish forever. There is a trophy at home that I see every day. I feel ecstatic and proud every time someone asks me about it.

“I took a hard decision to explore something new but what I realized was that it was a harder decision to leave Myntra. So I rejoined. Careers can be a roller-coaster ride, but at Myntra, your efforts will define your success and you will realise that dreams do come true,” Rajesh says.

As Rajesh continues his pursuit of growth and more, check out our alumni program Reinstall MAGIC, to explore meaningful collaborations with fellow alumni and create an impact.


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