Serving Looks with a Side of Sass – Meet Myntra’s Style Squad Members!

Our Style Squad has been an absolute hit with the customers, driving meaningful, engagement-driven shopping through our Social Commerce propositions, M Live and Myntra Studio. These influencers, who have been selected from across the country, play a very important role in the way online shopping is evolving these days. As they continue to build the thriving creator ecosystem in India, we got a chance to catch up with some members of the Style Squad and get to know them better. So who are these people creating these pieces of trendy, edgy, beautiful, and relatable content on Myntra-Studio and M-Live every day? Read on to know more.

Sonali Malhotra
Sonali Malhotra Influencer“I run on coffee and self-love,” says Sonali’s Instagram bio. It is this self-love and confidence that her followers can’t get enough of. A fashion journalism student, Sonali has been blogging for six and a half years now. If you have been scouring the internet to find the coolest outfits, look no further than her Myntra Style Studio page.

“When I get messages from my followers or bump into some of them and they say I’ve inspired them to do something or made them feel comfortable in their own skin, those are the moments I live for,” Sonali says.

A typical day in the life of Sonali begins with lots of coffee, spending time with her pets, and a session of Pilates. Then she reads her emails and moves on to ideating and shooting content, and winds down her day with an interesting movie or TV show.

When asked about her personal style, she says it is definitely high street fashion. “As much as I enjoy my street style & fashion, I love my luxe clothing and bags, a mix of them is definitely my style. Sporting and carrying anything with ease and comfort is what I love to do,” she says.

So how did Myntra Style Squad happen? “I have had a long-standing relationship with Myntra. I wouldn’t have it any other way, they are always keen on creating amazing content together and bringing out the best from both parties which is actually the true meaning of collaboration. I’m expecting things to only get bigger and better, involving a lot more fashion and beauty,” Sonali concludes.

Check out Sonali’s Style Squad profile here.

Arti Chauhan
Arti Chauhan Fashion influencerRocking both ethnic and western outfits with equal oomph and flair, Arti’s outfits on Myntra Studio are breezy, feminine and glam-chic. “I always keep an eye on Katrina Kaif’s and Alia Bhatt’s ethnic and airport looks,” she says.

It all started with Arti’s love for photography. She was into nature photography at first (in 2015), but soon moved to self-portraits which gave her solid content to build her profile. Today, she works on creating compelling content all day for an audience who is looking for pretty, trendy and super wearable outfit inspo.

Arti has been a part of Myntra Studio since 2020, and Style Squad was a natural progression of her association with Myntra. “I was offered to join Myntra’s Style Squad and it was very exciting, so I thought let’s give it a try and see how it goes. I think Style Squad will definitely change things in the Indian content creation industry. It is more about the creator than the brand. I am very excited to showcase my style ideas to such a broad community.”

So what keeps Arti motivated? “To be very honest, I started creating content as it became my passion but the thing which kept me motivated was the love which my Insta family showered me with. Their support makes me strong,” Arti says.

Check out Arti’s Style Squad profile here.

Gaurav Pandey
Gaurav Pandey Fashion InfluencerA far cry from normcore, Gaurav’s outfits will brighten your everyday timeline. Taking cues from style icons like Harry styles, Conan Gray and Troye Sivan, Gaurav serves up a very quirky, androgynous and flamboyant style, striking all the right chords with his followers.

Gaurav started his journey as an influencer in 2019. Though it was his love for fashion and beauty that inspired him to become an influencer, it was also a great deal of encouragement from his friends that helped Gaurav take the plunge. “My friends told me I had good aesthetics and I was born to be a content creator!”

When asked what his typical day looks like, he says his life revolves around social media. From checking his feed, to creating content, shooting, and meeting his BFFS (more content!) his days are all about constantly working on curating new looks and outfits.

Gaurav has been collaborating with Myntra for two years now. “My love for Myntra is endless and I believe the feeling is mutual 😋 and that’s the reason why I’m a part of StyleSquad. Everything so far is great, and in the future, I expect more opportunities to excel. To be honest, I’m simply excited!”

Check out Gaurav’s Style Squad profile here.

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