Show Off Your Rain Swag

While it rains cats and dogs in certain parts of the country, and in lesser or greater proportions in some others, not too many know how to stay dry and stylish during the monsoon season. There a few basics that you can buy and rest assured that your fashion game is on point this monsoon.

For example, according to Sophie Donaldson in The Independent, if you only buy one thing this season, let it be a holographic wind-breaker jacket that keeps you mostly dry and actually looks better with creases and crinkles, so one can safely squeeze it into a backpack. And if any mud splashes on it, all you need are some wipes to remove the dirt, she says.

Besides wind-breaker jackets, here are a few other must-haves during monsoon:


Culottes Monsoon fashion Myntra

These slightly shorter pants are one of the best things that have happened to monsoon fashion. Not too many people are fond of denim capris and everyone knows denim takes ages to dry. Culottes give the comfort of palazzos and a number of options to choose from – plain, striped, printed, take your pick.

Gum boots

rain swag - Rubber boots Monsoon

When you have to stay away from stilettoes, leather shoes, and pumps, it doesn’t mean you have to wear flip flops. In fact, flip flops make sure mud reaches as high as your waist. Gumboots are something that are stylish and do exactly what is needed – keep you dry and chic.

Midi and mini skirts

Midi skirts Monsoon fashion Myntra

This one is a no-brainer. Long skirts do not help much when the roads are mucky with all the downpour.  When you use an umbrella, midi and miniskirts make perfect sense as they are least likely to get wet.

Shirt Dresses

rain swag

Shirt dresses give a minimal feel. As compared to flowy or frilled dresses that may look messy and even untidy during monsoon, shirt dresses stay the way they are even when they get slightly wet. One of the best trends of the recent times, shirt dresses are perfect for monsoon.

Colorful Umbrella

rain swag - Mansson Season

Besides the clothes and shoes, a colourful umbrella goes a long way in making an outfit stand out. While the good old black umbrella is not outdated, a colorful one makes sure you put your best foot forward during rains.

Besides these basic items, one needs to keep a few things in mind while selecting an outfit during rains. Choose your fabrics wisely. Go for fabrics like cotton, polyester, lycra and nylon which dry up easily. Stay away from whites as it is almost impossible to keep them from getting transparent. Don’t shy away from adding a pop of colour to your outfits. Monsoon fashion doesn’t have to be boring.

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