Six Brands On Their Green Fashion Journey

The fashion industry is one that is expansive, integral and ever-evolving. Among the latest initiatives championed by clothing labels and retail stores is the adoption of an eco-friendly approach to fashion. Termed ‘Environment Friendly Fashion’, the approach tries to find alternate resources and methods for production and packaging that are less harmful to the environment, or can be easily broken down in decay after its life cycle has run out.

Such initiatives, as championed by Indian online retailers Myntra, are the need of the hour. The fashion industry is characterized by long and diverse supply chains of production, harnessing raw materials in small portions, and textile manufacturing, all of which are polluting factors, especially if we consider the concurrent systems employed. The production processes itself leave an enormous carbon footprint. To top that, there are processes such as packaging, retailing and finally, disposal of the clothing item that also cause pollution.

So, how do we make the choice between fashionable clothes and the welfare of our planet? Well, we can’t abandon societal norms of clothing, and nor can we change the manufacturing process of the fashion industry overnight. The approach we need to take is one of sustainability – ensuring we maximise the environmental-friendliness of the products with minimal usage of pollutants, dyes and pesticides. Luckily, both international and Indian companies have woken up to the responsibility towards ‘green fashion’. Here are some of the brands on Myntra adopting an environmental-friendly approach.


Roadster eco-friendly denim collection

The brand itself is positioned towards those who enjoy the outdoors more, so it makes complete sense when the company decided to take an eco-friendly route with their latest line of jeans. This collection of jeans have been branded Greenturn Collection, and is the biggest line of sustainable denim-wear yet. Each product from the collection has at least 50% sustainable material and undergo sustainable processes during production, saving up to 70% water and 30% electricity for products such as Recycled Poly Jeans and Reduced Water Jeans.

During the production process of Roadster’s special eco-friendly jeans, each pair uses 36 litres of water less as compared to other jeans. Further, some of the jeans from this eco-friendly line are made from recycled plastic bottles. What sets Roadster apart from most brands is how they embody sustainability in the clothing business – the practice starts from scratch and is seen through till the end. Not only is the production and after-usage life of Roadster denim wear sustainable, so is the delivery. When you are buying your pair of Roadster jeans, you can choose to have it delivered in biodegradable plastic bags, or denim duffle bags, or even carry bags that can be planted in the ground to sprout plants once the bag is deemed unfit for use.

With over 50 options and almost 14000 products to choose from, Roadster’s intent is clear – there should be no compromise with sustainability. Priced economically and styled to perfection with a special emphasis on silhouettes, the line of jeans are made of a type of cotton which epitomizes sustenance and does justice to the term responsible.

Bamboo Tribe

Bamboo tribe Myntra green fashion

Softer than Egyptian and Pima cotton, fabric fashioned out of bamboo is quite the rage now. Production of bamboo fabric is less stressful on the environment, in terms of growth, harvesting, land and water use as compared to more traditional fabrics. Further, the fabric also boasts medicinal and anti-bacterial properties. Bamboo Tribe apparel is anti-chafing, which makes it breathable and comfortable, and is made of hypo allergic fabric and flat-lock seams. They also happen to be suitable for all types of weather, with the special thermos-regulation feature.
Clothes from the Bamboo Tribe are ideal for sporting activities, at work, and for leisure too.


eco-friendly shoes Adidas Myntra

The brand requires no introduction. A world leader in sporting goods and apparel, Adidas recently launched their line of eco-friendly shoes in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans. Adidas are well known to actively take part in the welfare of the environment and address important causes. Aimed towards raising large scale awareness about plastic pollution in oceans, shoes from Adidas Parley are actually made out of ocean debris.


Fabindia Myntra

Fabindia is a household name that is known for their unique fabric quality, variety and designs. For almost 60 years, Fabindia has been sourcing the best materials, using indigenous methods and skills, and are known to use organic dyes for their vibrant colours. Fabindia have an active presence in both rural and urban areas, which makes them even more effective in carrying out the message of eco-friendliness.


Exclusive Lane Myntra green fashion

ExclusiveLane believes in bridging the gap between handicraft lovers and traditional artisans. This is done by extending more autonomy to the artisans, who have a greater role to play in the process, with greater incomes and greater creative liberty. The artisans use organic colours and materials for their products. Artisans are also led to follow contemporary styles, which make way for more exclusive designs.

Rolling Nature

Green fashion Myntra

Not a clothing brand, but this special entry, Rolling Nature, sells potted plants. Available on Myntra, these plants are not only good for the environment, they also bring good luck and harness positive energies. You can choose from a variety of pot designs and plants, based on leaf patterns. None of them are cumbersome to take care of, and mostly do with minimal quantities of water and direct or diffused sunlight.

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