Move Over Size Zero, Sztori Is Adding A Lot More To Fashion

The classic fashion cycle is shrinking from 6-months to 45-days. Designers are no longer the be-all and end-all of fashion – data-led creativity is instead bolstering the art. Furs no longer find a place in the wardrobes of fashionistas, just as the rich and the influential are no longer the doyens of the glittery world of fashion. At one point in time, not too long ago, disruptions in fashion would have seemed near impossible in an industry that was more often rigid than flexible. But now, choices and trends have become far more personal and social at the same time – a natural extension to this is the advent of plus-size fashion.

While plus-size attires have been around for a while, brands have mostly manufactured clothes that were otherwise meant for hourglass figures, in extra-large sizes. This is what differentiates Myntra Fashion Brands’ latest offering, Sztori. It is not merely a brand with large size clothes, it is essentially a designer wear range in the plus-size category, offering consumers the perfect fit and multiple style options at affordable rates.

Myntra launches plus size brand Sztori

This comes as a welcome addition for consumers, considering the enthusiasm with which people have embraced the trend of plus-size fashion! Move over, size zero; there is much more to fashion than skinny bodies and a rigid notion of what constitutes beauty, says Sztori, tapping into that sentiment.

The term and the concept of “body positivity” were unheard of a few years ago. Now, however, it is far more than a hashtag. It is a lifestyle choice and a ray of hope. And fashion brands for one are stepping up their game to include in their folds this large section of the traditionally neglected audience.

With this brand, Myntra not only adds to its in-house portfolio, but it also addresses a critical gap in the shopping carts of its consumers. Sztori offers a range of products for men and women, including tees, denim, tops, dresses and more in sizes L to XXXXL.

Myntra launches plus size brand Sztori

Research estimates that this segment will account for $5-6 billion in the $40-billion Indian online fashion apparel market by 2020, which is approximately 10-12 percent of the overall market – by no means a small slice of the pie. The numbers reflect the acute demand among people with larger body types, especially in India.

The trend has been gaining strength globally for a while now. What’s most interesting is that the movement has been led not by the high and mighty of the fashion world, but by ordinary voices of fashion conscious people, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. Social media, especially Instagram, has been a great leveler for them. This goes hand in hand with Myntra’s motto to democratize fashion and make people look good. Another huge plus for the plus-size brand is that online shopping comes with privacy and the lack of judgment by people. Do you need any more reasons to shop? Check out Sztori on Myntra and Jabong!

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