The Legends Of EORS!

The latest edition of our flagship event, the End of Reason Sale, has drawn to a close, creating new milestones across various metrics. The 5-day fashion event concluded with record breaking visitors, selling millions of products on the platform. The success of every edition of EORS, however, is not just a number game for Myntraites. It is a culmination of the hard work, passion, dedication and achieving milestones for thousands of employees working tirelessly to make the event a success.

Amongst these thousands, there are many employees who have experienced the unparalleled excitement of acing every single edition of EORS, ever since the flagship event began! From sleepless nights before the very first EORS to setting industry benchmarks at scale, they have seen it all. We tracked down 13 such employees who are veterans when it comes to pulling off the EORS seamlessly.

Let’s take a look at what these 13 editions of EORS have meant to this talented legends of EORS.

Abhishek Sudhakar, Senior Director, Category


Summing up EORS: Aiming higher every time and making it happen, which is the ultimate testimony of being stronger together.

Buzz of EORS 13: Just when they thought things couldn’t get more challenging, they pulled off what is easily the single largest event in the Indian fashion landscape!

Amit Rana, Senior Director, Engineering 


The first-ever EORS excitement: A team of 50-60 people aiming to handle 20-30% traffic growth expected for the first EORS – a humongous event.

The EORS learning: The greatest EORS learning has been about supporting innovation regardless of ups and downs. This has inspired him to exhibit the same quality in his leadership.

Dipti Bara, Associate Director, Category


The EORS journey: For Dipti, EORS is a journey of turning an idea into reality. It was about passionate individuals coming together to push start something that is now India’s biggest fashion sale!

The EORS learning: The biggest learning that truly makes a difference is the passion to work together as a team and valuing the contribution of every individual.

Rakesh Rao, Manager, Contact Center

Rakesh_Rao Legends Of EORS

Summing up EORS: This abbreviation in itself is an astonishing energy booster for Rakesh. It embodies the passion to achieve something greater than just ‘being normal’.

‘First evers’, thanks to EORS: Enabling work from home for a contact center could never have been imagined before but is a reality today, as are virtual hiring, training, employee engagement, etc.

Subhadeep Saha, Lead, Technology


The EORS journey: It has been an amazing journey over the course of a decade, but the feeling is still as fresh as the first ever EORS.

Memorable EORS anecdote: Sitting with the whole team in one room before EORS 1 and waiting for the sale to begin in the morning.

Kavita Mithare, Deputy Director, Planning & Sizing


The EORS evolution: The event has evolved with a lot of new highlights like price reveal, wish lists, early access, customer engagement through games and rewards; what remains the same are excitement, enthusiasm and celebrations!

Then and now: Last-minute hustle used to be common in initial editions of EORS despite being smaller in scale. But overtime, with robust planning and teams coming together, EORS has become a seamless and successful event year on year.

Raghunath L., Senior Director, Procurement & Commercials

Raghunath_Legends Of EORS

Buzz of EORS 13: This EORS  was about going beyond every previous milestone! Raghunath was  just waiting to be surprised again.

The EORS evolution: Enhancing supply chain and upgrading infrastructure to accommodate growing traffic – the growth achieved by the team is unbelievable!

Santhosh VR, Associate, Revenue & Growth


The ultimate EORS goal: Having witnessed all editions of the mega event, Santhosh can vouch for the excitement, enthusiasm and energy level everyone at Myntra carries, with the ultimate objective to give the best-in-class experience to consumers.

Buzz of EORS 13: These unprecedented times have changed the way people work. Having said that, the spirit and madness of EORS was as high as ever – virtually!

Sudhir Patro, Manager, Supply Chain Management


Summing up EORS: It was challenging , but also an opportunity for Sudhir to work on expanding skill set, efficiency and the ability to keep churning new ideas.

The first-ever EORS excitement: Sudhir believes the event in 2014, the very first EORS, to be one of the most important ones in his career due to the sheer magnitude of challenges and learnings.

Santwana Samantray, Senior Engineer, Technology

Santwana_Samantray Legends Of EORS

The ultimate EORS goal: As part of the supply chain technology team, Santwana’s key responsibility is to make sure that every server and database is up and running, and customers are able to track and be notified about their orders. For her EORS is not over till the last order is delivered!

Summing up EORS: Joyful and chaotic at the same time. Every EORS Santwana feels the joy of breaking their own records and making new history.

Vinay K., Senior Manager, Warehouse Operations


The EORS learning: EORS is about spreading happiness. One thing Vinay has learned throughout his journey is to make customers feel different and special with unique packaging.

Buzz of EORS 13: It has been all about waiting for the moment when they know that they’ve done it again! Working as a team and achieving a lot more is the flavour of EORS.

Sofia Massey, Manager, Catalogue Operations

Legends Of EORS

The EORS journey: It is a journey with maximum adrenaline rush, where she has to be on her toes and think of multiple ideas at the drop of a hat on how to tackle the continuous load and ensure every product is live and visible on the portal.

Memorable EORS edition: The 2020 editions are the ones Sofia will never forget – extremely difficult, but she made her “stubbornness” to succeed work in her favour!

Rahul Nigam, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Management

Legends Of EORS

Summing up EORS: Spreading love and happiness packaged in different shapes and sizes to customers in every corner of the country.

Memorable EORS anecdote: Fondly remembers the June 2017 edition for being a personal best and getting rewarded for best performance. For Rahul, it was a turning point in his career at Myntra.

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