The Quintessential Love Story Brought to Life by House of Pataudi

True love ages like fine wine and the couple that portrays this the best is Mrs. & Mr. Shah from Indore. For them, 32 years of  being together has in no way slowed down their romance. In fact, every day of being with each other still keeps their heart racing, even after all these years! Having recently celebrated their wedding anniversary, the couple is now ready to embark on an emotional journey that their daughter’s marriage will bring.

This Valentine’s Day, House of Pataudi (HoP) celebrates the beautiful love story of Mrs. & Mr. Shah, whose chemistry is just as palpable off-screen as it is on-screen. The long-time couple doing their very best to keep each other happy even after all these years is truly heart-warming. All those who have known Mrs. & Mr. Shah have witnessed their love story and how they share their most intimate feelings and emotions with each other. There’s something beautiful for everyone to take away from the film!

‘Stories of Love’ series by the House of Pataudi features real-life couples, who are actual Myntra customers, in short films and captures true emotions of their relationships. In the latest chapter of the series on Mrs. and Mr. Shah, HoP is creating some serious couple goals for lovers. Valentine’s Day would be incomplete without a new HoP love story, to say the least.

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