The story of my first (saree, that is)


Besides the heirloom jewellery that is passed down from one generation to the next, the humble six yard saree also holds a dear place in every girl’s life. We approached five women to share anecdotes about the very first one they wore. Here’s what they had to say.



“My first silk saree was the one I wore on my wedding day, it was a gift from my mother-in-law. Actually my husband is from Kerala and the traditional wedding saree is supposed to be cream and gold. I was very upset because I was keen to wear a red and gold one. As soon as my mother-in-law heard this she went out and got me a heavy Banarasi silk in the exact colours of my choice. It was the sweetest thing she could have done to make me feel welcome into the new family.”


“We have a family run saree business that’s been around for decades now. For my 18th birthday my grandmother took me to our saree weaver in Kanchipuram to pick out one of my choice. I chose a gorgeous two-toned sunset yellow Kanjeevaram. To this day, I remember that trip and that particular birthday whenever I see the saree.”



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