5 Watches That Can Be A Great Gift For Your Beloved

Valentine’s Day has just passed by, a couple of weeks ago. However, that does not mean you cannot surprise your beloved with a fantastic watch. Many ask, why a watch? Well, they are one of the first distinctive hints to anyone’s personality. Also, one gets to know their taste, attitude through them while adding to the overall aura of an individual.

Hence, many a time, choosing a watch can be overwhelming, especially if it is a gift for someone you really care about. However, worry not, we are here with this blog to help you navigate through popular watch types that can serve as an ideal gift for your beloved.

Men’s Watches

Now, there are various pros and cons when it comes to the varying mechanisms of different men’s watch types. Hence, the following points are targetted towards explaining the highlights of each popular men’s watch type mentioned below, so that you understand which one could work for you.

  1. Dress Watches – Possibly one of the popular choices since generations, dress watches are made to compliment a business suit or other formal wear. Ideally, these analog watches are expected to be properly proportioned to the wearer’s wrist. If not, it brings more attention to itself than the outfit, which is not always a good idea.

  2. Chronograph Watch – Chronograph is just a fancy way of calling a stopwatch. Basically, it is a regular watch that a built-in stopwatch that you can control with the start/stop button on the side of the watch. Therefore, it can be incredibly beneficial for those into athletics where every second count.


Women’s Watches

Now that we have covered popular choice in men’s watches, it is time to focus our attention on women’s watches. So without further delay, here are some amazing options that women would love to wear.

  1. Bracelet Watches – An eye-catching blend of fashion and function, these have an eye-catching appeal that could grab eyeballs, at any party or event, just like any ornament would do.

  2. Wrap around watches – Taking a cue from classic timepieces, these ones turn the classic design around with its extra-long bands, for a wraparound effect. Available in a variety of materials, the layered look it gives is both simple yet stylish.

  3. Boyfriend watches – Influenced by men’s designs, this large and clunky gender-bending watch is made for those who are looking a bold look. Oozing with confidence, these timepieces are meant to be flaunted.

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are two variants that are trending nowadays among both the gender demographics. Hence, we are listing them down on their own, rather than clubbing them under a single-gender category.

1. Digital Watches – Before smartwatches came into the picture, digital watches were the high-tech variant that many wanted on their wrists. Apart from having multiple features such as a stopwatch, water-resistance, etc., digital timepieces continue to be in current-gen preferences thanks to its cool retro vibe.

2. Smart Watches – This one truly changed the way people perceived watches. Earlier versions of timepieces were restricted to measuring time. But now these ones can help you with a number of features such as accessing online messages, tracking your fitness plans and whatnot. Also, design-wise, they have a pristine yet sleek to them with metal body and rubber straps. Basically, they are everything tech-savvy people would love to own.

So, while there are a lot more options in timepieces that you can explore online, the above-mentioned ones should serve as a good start for anyone looking for good timepieces to gift. So, while you are at it, go ahead and check the wide ranges of watches online on Myntra. You are sure to find some fantastic options out here with ease!

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