When The T-Shirts Spoke For Themselves!

Back to The Future: The year was 1985 and the lead of the movie, Marty, makes a quick visit to 2015 in the time machine the mad doctor had created. In the 2015 that was conceptualized in 1985, out of all the crazy innovations that the world was made to go through, one was that of smart clothes, a self-drying and self-fitting jacket, and self-tying shoes. The idea was clearly novel back then, but today, why restrict yourself only to knots and dryers? Welcome to a world where fashion, like everything else, has befriended technology.

In an age where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) are leading various kinds of innovation, the possibilities of applying technology to fashion is endless. As a leading innovator that works on the cusp of fashion and technology, Myntra is transforming the role of tech in fashion designing. It is not only disrupting the way brands are built, but is also changing the course for its private brands in the process.

*drumrolls* Presenting to you, Myntra’s very own brand, Roadster that has taken its outdoorsy lifestyle philosophy a notch higher by introducing Augmented Reality T-Shirts (AR Tees), aka the “talking tees! This new innovation is set to change the way people look at the every-day staple t-shirt – now a walking, talking story-telling tool! With this launch, Roadster marries fashion, design, and technology, offering shoppers a set of t-shirts that bring their roadster visual to life.

This new range has been developed in-house by Myntra’s own Innovation Labs. Although talking tees appear as normal graphic tees, it has in it, a readable AR code that the Myntra app can read and bring the graphic to life. Viewers get a taste of the concept through sounds and visuals of being on the road, with each graphic design bringing to life the brand’s philosophy of hitting the road and creating experiences through a simple shake of the phone, or by aiming the device at the AR reader on the shirt.

How cool is that? We don’t just believe in keeping pace with consumer expectations, but forming them, raising the standards, and delivering on those!

From an experienced wanderer, to a soulful camper, this limited edition collectible is for everyone who loves their tech-grease, for those who love to stay in trend and certainly for all those who like to hit the road.

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